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INNOVATE Certificate Program

The Innovation for Teaching Effectiveness (INNOVATE) certificate program supports faculty in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines as they adopt and refine evidence-based teaching approaches that challenge students, foster their persistence, and cultivate their development as 21st century professionals and engaged citizens. These approaches, informed by the extensive body of research on learning, help faculty provide all students with deliberate practice in the skills and habits of mind necessary for learning, inquiry, creativity, and research. This program is open to all instructional faculty—tenured/tenure-track, lecturers, and adjunct—who teach courses in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences and is funded by the College and the FDC.

To apply to participate in the program, please review the Program Requirements and complete the Application, both of which can be found here.  Send your completed application to Linda Hodges ( in the Faculty Development Center.