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ALIT Certificate Program

The Active Learning, Inquiry Teaching (ALIT) certificate program is designed to support faculty in adopting teaching approaches that foster the retention of students in STEM majors and support the development of their students as STEM professionals. These approaches, informed by the extensive body of research on learning, help faculty provide all students with deliberate practice in the skills and habits of mind necessary for learning, inquiry, and research. This program is open to all instructional faculty – tenured/tenure-track, lecturers, and adjunct – who teach courses in the College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences or the College of Engineering and Information Technology and is funded by those Colleges, the FDC, and the NIH-funded STEM BUILD at UMBC initiative. Please see the ALIT Certificate Program Requirements.

A new cohort of faculty members begins the ALIT Certificate each fall. The call for applications for the ALIT Certificate is sent out to the FDC email list each August. Please contact the FDC at if you are interested in pursuing the ALIT Certificate and would like to be notified when the application is open.

Faculty who have Completed the ALIT Certificate

May 2019
Sarah Bass (CHEM)
Fow-Sen Choa (CSEE)
Gautom Das (CBEE)
James Foulds (IS)
Tiffany Gierasch (CHEM)
Jiaqi Gong (IS)
Cody Goolsby-Cole (PHYS)
Jamie Gurganus (ENME)
Karuna Joshi (IS)
Aaron Massey (IS)
Maria Sanchez (COEIT)
Marie van Staveren (CHEM)
Jianwu Wang (IS)
Tory Williams (EDUC/BIOL)

May 2018
Raji Baradwaj (MATH)
Mariajosé Castellanos (CBEE)
Jeremy Dixon (CSEE)
Katherine Gibson (CSEE)
Sarah Leupen (BIOL)
Suzann Medicus (ECON)
Neha Raikar (CBEE)
Nirmalya Roy (IS)

May 2017
Songon An (CHEM)
Tara Carpenter (CHEM)
Elizabeth Feeser (BIOL)
Jennifer Hughes (BIOL)
Minjoung Kim (CHEM)
Shawn Lupoli (CSEE)
Eileen Meyer (PHYS)
Kalman Nanes (MATH)
Laura Ott (CNMS)
Brad Peercy (MATH)
Liz Stanwyck (STAT)
Cynthia Wagner (BIOL)
Pengwang Zhai (PHYS)
Ting Zhu (CSEE)

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