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Crafting Affective Learning Outcomes √ §

How can you help students integrate affective learning?

Wednesday, July 29, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Online : via WebEx
Research confirms the value of social-emotional learning, yet many educators struggle to intentionally communicate affective learning goals to students--goals such as empathy, resilience, and collaboration. How do you write clear and measurable affective outcomes? How can you help students integrate their affective learning across courses, co-curricular, and community learning experiences? In this follow-up workshop, learn how a growing community of UMBC educators are cultivating students’ capacities in affective competencies. Members of the Applied Learning Experience workgroup will demonstrate how they have crafted affective learning outcomes, created specific assignments to develop and assess this learning, and aligned this learning to the proposed Affective Functional Competencies. Join colleagues to discuss how to craft meaningful pathways for students to achieve these outcomes, draft an affective learning outcome for your own class or experience, and identify authentic tools to measure and collect learning evidence.

This work was partially funded through a Hrabowski Innovation Fund award.

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√ Counts toward ALIT Certificate
§ Counts towards INNOVATE Certificate