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Classroom Management Techniques

In this section, we have gathered resources that define disruption, analyze possible causes, and offer ideas on how to respond to students. We shared these resources with faculty in a discussion-based program on classroom management techniques. Below, we integrate the ideas that emerged in our discussion with advice from the research on classroom management.

What Is Disruptive Student Behavior?Preventing Disruptions | Best Practices | Resources

Redirecting Disruptive Students

Research Suggests that …
  • Disruptive and uncivil behavior incidents are numerous and increasing on college and university campuses.
  • Many professors avoid direct interventions because they hope ignoring the behavior will make it disappear, worry about not being supported by administrators, worry that disruption reflects on their teaching, and fear retaliation.
  • Combining prevention and direct action are research-recommended strategies.

Link here to view an annotated resources list.

Please note that student behaviors in the classroom may result from any number of factors, and each situation is a singular case. Suggestions offered in FDC resources may not be appropriate in every instance. 

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