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Instructors can have objective tests scored using the Scantron system (aka Bubble Sheets). This service can be particularly useful for faculty who are teaching large classes. DoIT handles a large volume of Scantron exams for faculty across the university, especially during midterms and finals. In order for this process to run smoothly and quickly, instructors are required to follow the procedure outlined by DoIT. Below is an abbreviated process for getting started with Scantrons along with links to more specific instructions from the DoIT FAQs.

How Do I Give a Scantron Exam?

  1. Write your exam.
  2. Purchase green, UMBC-specific Scantron forms from the UMBC Bookstore (Example Sheet). Generic blue Scantron forms will not work with UMBC’s customized Scantron application.
  3. Administer the exam to students.
    • Students must use a #2 pencil.
    • Students should fill in their names and Campus ID # (the Campus ID # is required for scoring).
    • In Column K, students should enter the version of the exam they are taking.
  4. Collect the exams.
  5. Follow DoIT’s procedure for submitting Scantrons for scoring.
  6. The results of your exam will appear in your Blackboard course site.
  7. You can then upload your results right into the Blackboard grade book.
  8. You can pick up the hard copy exams during business hours (M-F 9:00am-4:30pm).

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